Fan Mail

Joe Millionaire aired in over 22 countries around the world, with over 40 million viewers in the U.S. alone.  It has been over 10 years since my debut but I still receive and love getting FAN MAIL! 

I have fans in Holland, Singapore, Australia, Jamaica, Italy, Canada and all around the globe!  It is truly unbelievable! 

Besides getting messages in bottles, poems, t-shirts, books, drawings or photos of fans wearing ME on their shirt and all kinds of other gifts...
Here are just a few of the complimentary words they write.
    MOJO's Mom
    Of course my Momma will always be my TRUE #1 FAN.
    Charlie Rengel
    One of the sweetest, nicest guys a gal could ever meet! My favorite FAN turned FRIEND, Charles Rengel.
    MOJO's Dad
    Of course, my Dad (a.k.a. Santa Claus on a Harley) is also a pretty big fan too!
    Snoop Dogg / Snoop Lion
    "MOJO I've seen you on TV... You looked SEXY!"
    Tim McGraw
    "Oh, I watched that show. You were my favorite!"
    Caroline Rhea
    "Mojo, Mojo, Mojo! I feel I know you. Having watched you on the dating process."
"While the JM show has come and gone, just thought I'd let you know that you're someone with a real future ahead of you.  It's obvious you are a really fun person.  Best wishes in the future, MOJO.  Some smart TV or Radio Producer will snap you up!"

Jill Monroe
"I am a loyal fan for many should have your own talk's all about the MOJO.  Move over Austin Powers...yeah!  Good luck MOJO!"

Graham "Cookieman" Milano
(Alyssa Milano's Cousin)
"Mojo I also want to say to you that I find you the most beautiful candidate
(lady on earth) of all the ladies.  And I want to tell you that I read your weblog (daily!) and wish you the best luck."

Johan Zevenhuizen
Bennekom, Holland
"My oldest son, Shane, who is 5 was with me when I opened the autographed picture you sent and he said, THAT LADY IS PRETTY!  He wanted to know if Evan had picked you, when I told him NO he said DAD IF I WAS JM I WOULD HAVE PICKED HER!"
Robb & Shane Diaz
"I think that you are one of the most beautiful women in the world.  You look absolutely gorgeous."

Gary Hayashi
Huachuca City, AZ
"My brother and I are huge fans of yours, we loved you on JM, you were so funny and HOT!"
Aaron & Paul Hamel
Ferndale, MI
"I am a huge fan of your work.  I recently got a hold of some cards with you on them.  They look great!  Much better than the baseball cards I collected as a kid!"

Roger Crooks,
Conover, NC
"We all liked & adored you on JM!  You are impressive, gorgeous, a natural, elegant, exquisite, supreme & a grand AMERICAN!"

Jake Bommer
Warnock, OH
"Well I think it's cool that u get to meet all those Lil' Jon and Paris, Kid Rock, all of them.  Well I just wanted to say Hi, u seem like a fun, outgoing person...what other movies or shows have u been on?"
Age: 15
“Hi girl, Writing to you from way up in Northern Ontario Canada.  I am a 38 year old French Canadian.  I was a big fan when you were on the show and I believe sincerely I would of picked u.  I'm looking to get to know you better and to find out what you have been up too since.”

Ontario Canada
“I have been a fan of yours for some time and have a growing collection of photos featuring you. Unfortunately I have never had the pleasure of meeting you in person. I have recently began starting to collect autographs…why not add one of the most beautiful women in the world! If you have a fan club I would love to receive information on how I can join.  Best wishes on your future endeavors.” 

Eric Burch
Farmington, MO
"Dear Ms. Hunter, I am a big fan of yours and love your photographs.  I enjoyed Joe Millionaire and wished you would have won.  You are an extremely beautiful, talented and sexy young woman.  Thank you for sharing yourself with the rest of the world...I look forward to seeing more of your endeavors in the future.

Andrew Harrison
Baltimore, MD
“Hey it's the Amish guy you met at the horse races. Just wanted to check in and say I liked your website!” 

Leander Schwartz
"With out a doubt in my mind Melissa Jo should have been the clear cut pick by Joe Millionaire.  Beautiful, intelligent, compassionate and a knock em’ dead smile.  P.S. I thought your poem was sweet."

"I am a big fan of yours.  I thought you were great on JM and I really enjoy your work.  I think you are a very beautiful woman...thank you very much and good luck in the future."
Stephen Glaser
Dallas, TX