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* Expert Speaker * Published Author * Celebrity Reality TV Star * Worldwide Model *

Just a city girl with a country heart who grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana.  I am a natural redhead.  In fact, I had a fire engine RED AFRO in kindergarten! I looked just like Little Orphan Annie.  I am the first to graduate from High School in my family, let alone graduate from University with a triple business major thanks to receiving three academic scholarships.  I've always said, "If you don't do something with PASSION... don't do it at all!" 

I have been modeling since High School and I love getting paid to be "ME" on camera (hosting, live presenting, etc.).  I have traveled worldwide for LOTS of amazing adventures!  I've lived in a real castle in Paris, France on a mega-hit Reality TV Dating Show called Joe Millionaire.  I've hosted my own radio show in Jamaica, traveled to Rome to film a cameo for Fox's The Next Joe Millionaire and so much more!  I truly feel like my life is a real life fairy tale many times (although I'm still waiting patiently for my Prince Charming) lol.  Hurry up already... would ya?  hee hee.

I enjoy hiking, reading inspirational self help books and listening to some of my favorite authors on Youtube like Abraham Hicks, Joe Polish and The Genius Network, Napoleon Hill, Edgar Cayce, Sylvia Brown, John Edwards, Brendon Burchard, Doreen Virtue & many more!  I love traveling and spending time with my ten nieces & nephews and family. 

I love eating healthy and learning about nutrition and vitality.  My favorite homemade juice is apple, celery, cinnamon or what I call my "Sunrise Kick" of kale, jalepeno and oranges.  Don't worry, I still eat cupcakes too! lol. 

I love learning about the mind, memory and all things paranormal (akashic records, auras, telepathy, near death experiences, communicating with the deceased, etc.) and learning how to increase my intuition and psychic abilities.  I love channeling.  I don't know if YOU believe in Angels... but I sure do!  Archangel Raphael helped me write many of my poems as well as a full length comedy feature film about two angels lost in Los Angeles.  Oh, and I love, love, love country music!  Especially all of the hot, young singers now days.. lol.  Especially, Billy Currington, he's my fav (and my husband... he just doesn't know it
If I died tomorrow I would want the world to know these FIVE THINGS I KNOW TO BE TRUE:

1.  Don't die with your story still inside.  Share your voice and experiences with the world.  Write a blog, a book, or post some videos on youtube.  Everyone can learn something from someone.  Even if you think no one is listening, someone always is or will need to hear what you have to say.  God gave you another day to bless someone who needs you.  Give them your gift of knowledge. love, light and experiences.
2.  Energy NEVER dies.  Believe you can communicate with deceased loved ones & receive validation.
3.  LOVE is more important than MONEY.  When in doubt, choose LOVE.  A happy heart is more valuable than stacks of facade worthy paper. 
4.  Always be in control of your own thoughts and keep them positive!  They are powerful beyond measure.  Don't give that precious power away to others.  You can not control how other people treat you but YOU CAN CONTROL how YOU REACT to them.  Intend to always be in control of your thoughts, your happiness and your free will.
5.  The only limits are the ones you give yourself.  Go BIG!  Go BOLD!  Dream HUGE!  Go get em' GORGEOUS!